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This project was based on The Weekly Coder's Tetris Clone Tutorial (link at the end of this description). However, it differs by a few refactorings, including:

- Edge case transform compensation to fix a bug where pieces would end up inside walls.
- Reduced method redundancy in regards to score increase and position checks
- Improved Single Responsibility Principle in the piece's update method
- Decoupled player inputs into a separate component.

The source code can be provided upon request for educational purposes only.


Edit (5/9/2020): Version 1.03, fixes and improvements:

  • Improved visibility of instructions and quadrominos.
  • Added "continue to game" description to pause menu.
  • Fixed pause menu scaling.
  • Fixed a bug where the player would lose before actually reaching the top row where quadrominos spawn.
  • Added or edited misc. build assets i.e. game icon, splash screen.



Release v1.03.rar 17 MB

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